Heyoka Leathercraft Workshop
Heyoka Leathercraft Workshop
Heyoka Leathercraft Workshop: Make a Medicine Bag the ladies of Heyoka Leather
Learn how to make a Native American style deerskin leather medicine bag by hand. We will give some background of the history and origin of the medicine bag then guide you, with plenty of humor and good spirits, through the process of leatherworking step by step. From pattern making to hole punching, hand lacing and braiding, this workshop is a great crash course introduction to Leathercraft. You will easily be able to take these skills home and with the knowledge of the 5 essential leatherworking tools, make handbags, moccasins and many other useful and wearable treasures. After making your own medicine bag by hand we will fill them with sage, cedar, sweetgrass and tobacco in the traditional manner, as well as a quartz crystal for good luck!
Materials: Leather, hole punch, mallet, punching board, lacing needle, scissors, beads, feathers, quartz crystals and sacred herbs.

When: Trans-Pecos Music Festival Sat Sept 29th 10-1130am

Where: El Cosmico in Marfa TX

Age: 7 and up. All gender identities welcome.

* There is a minimum sign-up requirement for this event so please register as soon as possible to ensure that this workshop can take place. If the minimum participation is not met we will refund your money in full upon cancellation. A Festival pass is required to participate. Any questions, feel free to contact us at info@heyokaleather.com Thanks!
Price $75.00
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