Heyoka Leather started as an old-fashioned small business. It was started unofficially and quite by accident in Venice Beach CA in 2007. It was when Leslie Crow began creating dream catchers for her friends. Many people loved her work and the demands grew, making her branch out into a hand beaded medicine bag. She made use of her traditional skills that she had learned from her grandmother. After a year, she moved out to Los Angeles and brought her long-time friends and partners in crime, Rachel Avraham and Angela Bruyere who are also her blood cousins.

The three of them started to use their own ideas to create a perfect business. Their skills and knowledge about certain things helped them create a unique business. Of course, they thought of a certain and specific material that will make their brand have it’s own trade mark or something that will leave a great impression to other people. To create a high quality product, they made sure to use only the very best sources and materials for their goods. It wasn’t easy to start this business at first especially when it was just the three of them. But they received a lot of help and hired other people to lend them a hand.

They succeeded and started to generate a lot of orders. This got them to focus on training their workers to help them in the production of their leather goods. Despite getting workers to help them, they strictly adhered to their mission — to produce great quality goods from only the very best leather materials. Thinking back, they never thought that Heyoka Leather will be successful but now that it is, they are more than glad and happy. We hope more people will recognize our creations and eventually see the beauty of Heyoka Leather products.

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