Questions are often received since many people would like to ask about our products, website and shops. A lot of people sent questions when we opened our business but it was hard to respond to all of them at once since we just started. Now that our store and website are both improved, we can now handle all of your questions better. To share to you the frequently asked questions, here they are below:

Where can I see your products and other leather goods?

You can visit our online shop here in this website and see the products we make. Just simply go to the homepage or find the section that says ‘Shop’. Go to that tab and you will see images and details about the items for sale.

I heard you have a branch near us but I don’t know where to go. Where can I visit your store or how do I find your locations?

You can visit us by clicking the stores’ location. We don’t have many branches out there but we have a few that you can visit especially when we are a bit near to your location as well.

Are your materials and goods certainly handmade?

Yes, our products and materials are 100% handmade. If you want to know more about our products, you can message us anytime for more details on how we create our own goods. But for an easier way, you can just check the homepage and look at the photos and articles written. We update the website as well about our creations and newly made products so we can share to other people how we make them.

Are your deliveries fast?

Yes, the deliveries of our products and items are guaranteed fast. Though we must admit that we sometimes meet problems, our team still ensures that the customers will be happy with our services.

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